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#417981 - I loved you from the start Now i have a broken heart It wasn't right, it wasn't true Life wasn't ready Ifor me and you You was my angel with wings so white Came from heaven on a light so bright Made me smile with a simple hello With you my sadness could not show My heart became as black as coal I was on your list, you was on a role You toyed with my emotions, hurt me so Now the tears just have to flow You were so pure, like the first flake of snow As sweet as candy when the sugars low Soft as a feather, a touch so delicate For an angel like you i would forever wait My wings so black, dark as night I can move around in the shadowy light Unseen by all, a ghost to you My shimmering form will have to do A girl so pure, so bright and white With those wings you may take flight Came to earth on a light so true Hard to believe your time is through Me so dark, so wrong, so destructive My heart the weapon i kill you with Take your soul to the

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