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#365934 - The trip back to Australia, always seems to be longer than coming to the UK, so after we had dinner, and the aircraft was put into semi darkness for people to sleep, I got my laptop and camera down to download the pictures of my holiday, most of them of course was from my fun with my sister and the guys, as I had left the camera out for others to use when we played, as first Pauline didnt want her face in any pictures, by the end of the 2 weeks she didn't care, and more so after we had skyped with my family. He had a look of total disbelife, as I put a finger up my arse, pulled out a glob of cum, and put it on his lips, tasteing his own cum, then he did the same and I licked his finger clean too. When I told him my home city, he had a two day stop over, so that was good, I told him seeing as I had been away, I would try, but wouldnt promise to meet him this time, But I would try too.

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