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#115243 - ” Wanting to get a look at the girl Cullen grabs her by her upper arms jerking her violently up out the trunk and into his sight so fast it seems impossible. The terror palpable, Edward and Cullen silently with their looks back and forth decide who would turn the Renfield this time, Annabelle feels as suddenly Cullen is enveloping her, wrapping his arms around her in an almost affectionate way, cradling her neck and head in his hands as he sinks his fangs into Annabelle’s virgin unpunctuated flesh bleeding her out some enjoying the fresh blood energizing him. ” Edward continues the conversation grimly, “Annabelle you are our Renfield now, you work for us, you’re not a full vampire yet, you would need more vampire blood, for now you can still go out in the day and sometimes it is useful to have a Renfield go out for us or watch over us while we sleep.

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