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#324817 - To her surprise, however, instead of inflicting great bodily harm to her, the young guard sat down on a stool between her legs and lathered her entire pubic area with soap, and after only a few seconds later, he produced a long straight razor and began meticulously saving her pubes. When the apparatus was finally in place, Maire Krupp again took over and said softly, Ilsa, I am giving you one more chance to tell me what you know about the underground, if you don't, well then, it's out of my hands!!! Growing more terrified by the minute, Ilsa in a bold defiant voice said, No way will I tell you Nazi bastards anything, so do what ever you must to me, but I will remain silent!!! A small smile crept over Marie Krupp's lips and she replied, No, Ilsa, you will finally beg me to listen to you, and you will gladly tell me all that you know! Marie gave a curt nod to Dieter, who pulled on a lever that in a matter of seconds allowed drops of water to fall from the end of

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