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#325724 - then her dad made megan suck him clean and he started getting hard again and he told megan to stock sucking he dident want to waist a good load in her mout he positioned her ass in theair and she new what was happening and she new she couldent take it but her dad dident care he just turned her around and pushed it up into her tight teen ass and she screamed from alll the pain and her dad said yea scream baby i know u like it and megan just began to cry from the pain and the thought that she was being raped by her dad. TO BE CONTINUED PLEASE TELL ME IF U LIKE THIS STORY AND I WILL CONTINUE AND IF U WANT GIVE ME SOME IDEAS TO IMPROVE THIS STORY. about 15 min had gone by and megan started likeing the feeling of the big dog dick that was inside of her then acout 5 min later she started to feel his knot growing she had heard about how the knot grows and then when its full size the dog cant pull out of his mate for about 5 min and she started fliping out but it was tolate to stop hi

Read Best Blowjob 今宵の月のように(Chinese) Pattaya 今宵の月のように(Chinese)

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