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#360839 - This old rake's passion consisted in first bestowing prodigious kisses upon the girl's mouth; he swallowed all the saliva it were possible to drain from her, then kissed her buttocks for a quarter of an hour, called for farts, and finally demanded the major thing. But, Monsieur, what am I to do? Why, Jesus Christ, are such questions still asked? What are you to do? Pick up your skirts and show me that damned ass I'm paying to see. I had been a great while at Madame Fournier's, had long since become the first ranked according to seniority, and in her entire entourage was the girl in whom she had the greatest confidence.

Read Indoor Hatsujou Playroom | 发情娱乐室 #01-06 完结 Foot Worship Hatsujou Playroom | 发情娱乐室 #01-06 完结

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