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#47921 - She just looked at me smiled and said yes doesn’t it as she began to rub the cum in it, I went into the other room and got her clothes and are drinks, her you go babe thanks she replied, with that she got her clothes went to the toilet when she came out we drank up are drinks and went as we went through the other room to get to the door the men were watching the video of the whole thing on wide screen one of them shouted “hey babe your looking good” we got in the car I turned to Jan and asked if she was alright fine she said I just cant believe what’s happened, I know I cant ether. Let see if she can take it all the way to my balls he said, and with that pushed it all the way in her, all you could here of my wife was a muffled moaning sound as she had got a mouth full of some ones dick. I might even be tempted to sell you to them what do you think about that then.

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Shino amakusa
She so beautiful i love the way she whimpers instant major turn on
Junko enoshima
Ahhh de joo