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#249268 - ” Holly slipped down the bed to her brothers cock, it was already hard and looked like it was waving to her as it stood straight up, Holly leaned over and kissed the tip of her brothers cock she tasted his pre cum and gave the tip a lick with her tongue, she licked up one side of the shaft of her brothers cock, then licked the other side, after licking all around the knob of his cock she opened her mouth wide and took it into her mouth, Josh’s breathing increased this was something he had never thought possible, having his cock inside his sister's mouth, as Josh ran his hand over the top of his sister’s head and through her long hair, Holly took more of his cock into her mouth, when Holly lifted her mouth back up Josh pushed her head gently back down after repeating this several times. Holly had never thought about this until the now, and she told her brother, “Yes, I want you too. ” Holly thought for a moment and then said, “OK,” and lifted her pink nightie up over her head

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