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#477344 - His cock was a lot bigger than mine and felt very hot, I caressed it gently pulling the foreskin backwards and forwards over his huge knob he said this felt so good. He then reaches over to the back seat and grabbed a box of tissues, we both cleaned up, He then sat back and asked me what I thought of wanking a guy off? I said it really turned me which it did, he then asked me to undo my pants so he could repay me, after I lowered my pants he reached over and took hold of my cock and gently started wanking me, I couldn't believe how nice this felt having someone else do this to me, he got quicker and quicker and it wasn't that long and I shot my load all over his hand and front of my shirt, oh it felt good. After a min he then had me lay back and started sucking me to finished me off, this was my first ever blowjob and I have to admit it was one of the best I have ever had.

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Shunpei sanada
Damn you are a pro at that