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#248485 - Having just had a one very hard orgasm from oral contact, Rachel could instantly sense that she would soon be experiencing another one at the expense of Deacon Hancock's huge erection, and while he slowly forced his big penis farther and farther into her tightness, it tried in vain to accommodate the thick cock flesh as she moaned, It's so big, oh god does it hurt!!! The Deacon responded to her moan by plunging his dick all the way to the hilt, which of course, resulted in the young girl having her vagina torn apart by another incredible orgasm! Girl, the Deacon barked, do you still want to be forgiven of all of your sins?!? Yes sir, Rachel answered, still shaken from the reaming her virgin pussy had just endured. William continued on, John, do you think I'd come here and make a charge like this if I didn't have solid proof against her? What, what kind of proof do you have, demanded the very agitated father?!? John, Catherine, Ben and Hank were wi

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