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#29500 - She was hesitant and I began an imitation of a baby - Dady and did the voice and facial expressions about being hungry and Annie got interested in playing this game with me. As it started to come she was groaning and moaning and telling me she loved me and that I was the best brother and she wanted me to do this forever and ooohhhh - it it it and she arched her back and squealed in joy. I asked Annie if she wanted to taste me cuz I was cumming and I cannot stooooopppppppp and my balls surged the biggest load of spunk I had ever seen - I mean when I had jacked off in a tissue there was only a little bit in there - when I cummed in my sisters mouth it seemed like it would never stop - I just spasmed and spasmed and came and came and it surged out her mouth and down her chin onto the floor.

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