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#208569 - Dave's cock was now in her mouth again, she really liked the taste of his 7 of pulsating flesh. As soon as I heard the noise I stepped back very quickly and shut the door to, I thought it was confrontation time, I wondered what to say, what to do, I stood very still waiting for my wife to say something, then I heard the man asking why my wife had stopped, he could not of heard the noise, his voice sounded familiar but I could not think why, it was only after my wife said sorry Dave, I thought I heard something that I realised I was right, it was her boss! My wife then said to Dave where was I, my wife could not have seen me, I slowly opened the door, she had started to suck his cock, I still could not believe what I was seeing, she was taking it very deep and very slow into her throat, her boss let out a long gasp as she touched his balls with her lips, then she glanced in my direction again, holding her gaze, I was fixed to the spot this time like I was in some sort of trance, sh

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Katsuki bakugou
I imagined that and i had the best time ever i really wish i could fuck you because your the best