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#413722 - Of all the loves who have come my way, None can match the passion you display, None can speak the words that always sound right, None can match the feeling when you hold me tight, None can match your special charms, When you hold me tight in your arms. Sitting with you right next to me, Nowhere in the world I’d rather be, Your every move brings a smile to my face, With your awesome beauty and natural grace, I enjoy being with you day and night, Being with you just feels so right.

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Satoru fujinuma
Your a cunt for destroying this hentai
Reiko kirishima
Lovely your blowjob
Ichirouta kazemaru
Was literally just about to say haha
Auel neider
Thought it said keanu reeves
Momo yaoyorozu
Remember to love yourself fuck what anybody else thinks life gets hard sometimes and we want to cry and sink in our depression but we gotta get up and beat it go on a jog talk to more people get money somebody will love you even if it takes years take my favorite quote don t chase love let love chase you which means if you have a crush weather its a boy or a girl let them recognize you show them how awesome you are do things that inspire them and other people i love you thank yo
Tweek tweak
Damn fine work