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#59107 - I met Sue some years ago,she was blessed with an excellent figure and at the age of 36 she had kept herself looking well, I like many men tried to date her,but she was,nt having any of it,always saying she had a regular freind with whom she went out with and I stood no chance. The waitress herself was about 22 yrs old,and had a cracking body,all that any man would desire in a woman, I disceetely sprayed her with my Hormone spray, nothing happened ,well not straight away,but as we reached the swing door she squeezed my bottom,and whispered that she was available later tonight. About 6 months after my Forced Sex thoughts had accured I was invited to a Private Party at Sue,s house, I was told to bring nothing but a pair of swimming trunks, No wine no nothing, I had heard she lived in somewhat of a large house in the Mayfair region of London,and there was a large swimming pool in the cellar area ,but as I had never been there before, I thought it prudent to order a taxi to take me.

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