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#1771 - ''jeff i dont feel too good'' complained Racheal ''yeah you dont look that good either you should go to the doctor or something'' ''hhhmm your right' im quickly going to the doctors and once im back we wiil go out to eat some thing'' said Racheal ''ok bye'' as she walked out the door as i was alone i decided to take a bath and for a change i decided not to have wank. Anyways I just want to call and say that we had a car crash, and that we won't be back untill wednesday, tell Racheal that we will pay her extra for the extra days'' I replied with ''what you crashed the rs6'' dad said ''yeah this crazy german guy in a transit van screaming schnella'' ''crazy germans, ok see you on wednesday'' I put down the phone and walked to the fridge, I opened it up and just stared at its contents. So then i realised oh fuck i left

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Pily amory is the best thing clearly
I would pop at least twice during dvp or dap it is awesome amy i want a go keep me posted
Seijuro shin
Ahhh geil
When she grabs her head its fucking on