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#306654 - As we approached the destination she had stopped crying and seemed to have cheered up, she then told me to follow, as we strolled down the street she linked her arm around mine, she then stopped outside a hotel, she swung her body round and put my hands around her waist, she hugged me and whispered “My hero”, she then grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the hotel entrance, We entered the magnificent reception and headed straight for the lift, when the lift approached we stepped in and there we was in a confined space on our own, she got close and leaned in for a kiss, whilst slowly running her hands down my torso, she stopped kissing me at the same time she stopped at my belt buckle, she then started to kiss my chest, she then dropped to her knees and undone my belt, the elevator pinged and she sprung up and tried acting normal, she then walked out the elevator and looked back, I was stood there confused about what just happened she then grabbed my hand and led me the hotel door 562.

Read Toying 過去同人誌 - Fate grand order Azur lane Stripper 過去同人誌

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