#13192 - Joining them in a scene for the first time is 65 year old granny & Master Jeffs newest acquisition Norma , the white haired married pension receiving slutbag is dressed in a short leather black leather skirt ,with a collar, leash & a pink halter top that says cumbucket. Norma arrived in 10 minutes , ( she had been watching a boring movie on televison with her cuckold husband Frank, Jeff had hypnotized him &now they would only fuck when Jeff said they could ) Hi master she said happily wondering if it was movie time again Hi Norma , i called you over today cuz were gonna have a 3some , isnt that right Rose ? Yes sir Rose responded. Number 2 wanted to fuck Kikis ebony ass so he had her spit on his prick , Kiki yelled like a hyena as the 11 inch dong gaped her shithole.

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