#85154 - Jessica was then pushed into a small dark room in the back of the house behind the kitchen, this was where the family stored their meat-girls before they were ready for tenderizing and spitting, While Jessica waited bound and uncomfortable in the meat-girl storage locker, her mother was busily cooking and preparing all the things she would need in the morning when it was time to stuff and spit her former daughter now turned meat-girl for the Father's Day Roast. Walking over to the locker he opened it to see his daughter standing there nude bound up like a meat-girl, What’s this?, your going to roast up our daughter? he said in shock, No we are going to roast up the meat-girl that volunteered who use to be our daughter she replied as her husband signaled for Jessica to exit the storage locker. Who was enjoying herself so much had been servicing all the men at the roast orally and vaginally.

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