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#113288 - By the time I was half way though my third glass of wine, I also was quite tired which seemed a little strange to me as normally wine does not effect me this way and I started to nod off, suddenly Steve and Shane pulled me to my feet and walked me to a bedroom, where I could see my wife spread eagle & bound to a bed with Cindy between her legs slurping away at Jan’s pussy. Petra turned her attention to me, squatting over my face and rubbing her clit over the tip of my nose giving me a raging hard on, Shane had removed the Butt Plug from my arse & inserted his cock to full depth before I knew it he started pounding away at my arse. Petra removed the Spreader Bar from between Jan’s legs which automatically closed round Simon as she tried to pull him deeper into her cunt, Petra continued to Video the action as Shane took up the still camera.

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