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#141949 - JJ had been the leading member of the runaway club for close to three years now, the runaway club is as it sounds, a club of runaway kids aged from fourteen up to twenty and sometimes higher, they had a series of supposed run down flats as there hiding hole, hiding from anyone from parents to ex lovers, and in JJ's case the police. Katlin awoke that morning to the first signs of light coming through the window and smiled, looking over to her side JJ was up and was pulling his shirt on, hey princess, howd you sleep?, she streched out and smiled, like a baby, JJ leaned down and kissed her softly, thank you JJ, i knew you would make my first time go easy, JJ smiled, anytime. She smiled and kissed him, and whats that baby?, he took a deep breath, the reason i ran away, the reason the cops were after me, she looked at him now serious, she had wanted t know this but did not wunna just ask, ok, she said unsure of what was coming, why?, he looked at her long and dee

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