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#264099 - She told me she had always enjoyed watching porn movies and the different sexual kinks that most show, but so far had never met anyone that was into them like us, and that even Lou had never tried anal or kink with her, but after seeing him fuck my ass, she knew that bi sex was sure on the list of things to do now, and that she too wanted more bi sex and anal. A few other cars had gone past during the course of the day, but none could see us clearly behind the long grass, so we never worried much hearing cars, and the girls didn't bother to hide either so a few people got to see their tits if they looked, then late afternoon the girls got started again, us guys were having trouble getting any rest, but no one complained, as our cocks got to work filling the girls holes. Dave was fairly close, looking intensely at the bi fuck before him, then I saw Lyn talk to him, and he nodded a yes, not sure what she said, but Dave got closer to me and his hard cock let me know he wanted in

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