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#56685 - ‘Maybe we could go for coffee? Or drinks? X’ He smirked, ‘So you’re the something new then?’ he asked. His co-worker and friend Paul had suggested to him that he try out Tinder and, to begin with at least, he’d loved the idea of it, see a girl, read her profile and if you felt compatible, swipe right, if not, swipe left, easy right? But as days had passed and conversation with matches led nowhere but the occasional hookup he had, as many did, grown to dislike the nature of the beast, no longer bothering to read their profiles or checking for any compatibility, now, as he lay on his couch, the TV in the background playing some mindless sports he only barely glanced at each women's pictures before he swiped right on them. As he was scrolling through her pictures, all selfies from a low angle that mainly just showed her gorgeous smiling face, only a few snaps capturing a hint of the seemingly impressive size of her bust, a little bubble popped up in the lower corner of his s

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