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#149859 - As I dove my tongue in deeper and deeper, her orgasm flowed so did the juices, my face and body awash, my cock now hard and ready for more fun, this time I was going to try and really push my luck, as I got Jan to kneel on the bed, my cock began to work her up again. It was while I was moving my cock she said why not get comfortable and strip of, I didn't need telling twice, my shorts and shirt hit the ground before she had finished talking. I stroked my cock slowly up and down as Jan pushed her tits in to tighten around my cock, my balls already straining not to blow to quick, as I pushed up she licked the head of my cock, I was so close, looking at her naked body had got me horny, but I wanted more.

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Damn ready to get on my knees and see what that mouth do
Thats one of the best yet she takes the dick like a champ and i love her little smirks
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