#201056 - Wallace wondered to himself how this exciting creature's husband could be so dense as to not see how lucky he was, after all, he was married to a fucking sex machine!!! Feeling better now, he asked softly, you look just shot!?! She looked at him with a wry little smile on her face and replied weakly, I am totally wrecked, but it's the best feeling I've had in months, thank you so very much!!! Before we end our session, he replied, I think that it would do you a world of good to suck my penis for me, it's almost ready to ejaculate, and I just have a feeling that you really miss not having a cock to suck!!! Even though she had just climaxed three or four times, the doctor was absolutely right, she did miss not having a cock in her mouth, and incredibly, just looking at it was making her cunt twitch in anticipation of another orgasm!!! Standing next to couch, he waited quietly while she positioned herself, and then sighed when he disappeared into her warm w

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