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#51995 - i wondered why she would go to the trouble of rubbing her breasts and ass cheeks, always making sure they had the wet look, but at night accidently brushing against my mom, i would know the answer, her skin was so supple to the touch (i wish i could cream them for her). oh, to suck them again!!! i couldn't get a good look at her pussy, but i always saw the full mound of black hair and her ass always looked inviting, round but tight looking; soft but fuckable! this happened every morning, i would feign sleep, because my mom is very old fashioned, if she thought i was awake, she would send me out of the room (it's not proper for a boy to see his mother, but it's just right for me to sleep with her ;) staring from just under the covers i would see her body and memorize every curve, crack and flesh tone.

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Saber lily
Exactly it looks so dumb and unsexy it literally kills the vibe of the whole bj
Minami nitta
I would love to fuck this old hag