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#100636 - Your my hustband so Harvey opened his eyes and said What are you doing to day gorgous? I said I was thinking we could have a lazy day Harvey looked at me and said Don't you have things to do? you always have things to do Yes of course I have things to do. For 1 I have are dry cleaning to pick up, 2 I have a wax appointment at 3PM, 3 I have to go see my parents at 5 and 4 I've arranged to have coffee with Carla Wow babe you have a busy day like usual I laughed and said Don't I always but I was thinking I could spend the hole morning with my prince charming Harvey got out of bed and said Get up then and you can make me breakfast but I think im going to help you shower first and he laughed after saying that. whoever that person maybe and I wish her the best of luck in the future Carla said Your so sweet and understanding but not everyone is going to be like that are they I gave a weak smile and said no I don't think they are but girl you gotta do i

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Great position super sexy
Special week
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She is beautiful wish there is more of her great hentai