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#214479 - Older but no wiser, Mark still presses his luck trying to see ladies in various stages of undress, but as a masturbater-voyeur, I guess you never out grow it!! THE END. When Sarah would take a bath, Mark would slip into his closet to watch her dry off and get dressed or ready for bed, and some times after she dried off, she would just sit totally naked in front of her mirror brushing her long blond hair, and it was at those times that Mark would pull out his pecker and slowly beat it off as he watched his sister's tits jiggle as she preened that long blond mane! Once he got really lucky when instead of getting ready for bed, she lay back down on the bed and began playing with her tits and nipples! Just watching her twist and tweak them made him cum after only a stroke or two, and even though he had just shot a load, he continued to watch and was soon rewarded as she dropped a hand to her crotch and frigged her clit! Mark had never seen anyone do that before and was fascinate

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