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#345197 - It felt so hot as I pushed my hand around us, frotting our spasming organs, human skin against dog skin; being young my cock was flowing juice out and onto us both, mixing with his with a slopping sound which grew faster as I approached my orgasm. I hoped King would be interested in fucking me, but he only got horny if there was bitch in heat present and when I tried to jack him off outdoors he looked at me with a mixture of “what the hell’ and “you’ve got to be kidding!”. I’m writing this in my late 50’s, but it’s kind of fun to share these true incidents and stories, and even though my last sexual experience with a Stud has been about 4 years these memories from even 40 years ago remain burned into my mind.

Read Yoga Ushiwakamaru to Genkou Seikatsu - Fate grand order Verga Ushiwakamaru to Genkou Seikatsu

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