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#270017 - He knew that she knew he had just cum inside of her, he waited for her anger, but after a few moments of heavy breathing, she started to regain some of her composure, she hurriedly glanced at her wristwatch and slipped from his cock, groaning softly as it slipped out of her, he deemed it appropriate to ask for forgiveness, “I’m sorry, I…” She paused and turned around, “Sorry? First time I hear that. ” ‘Easy tiger, don’t over-do it’ He admonished himself, but it did seem that his lure had the desired effect, a whimsical look came over Sam’s face before she could hide it. He was quite surprised to see that she had a well-trimmed bikini cut, it was really not what he was expecting from her, given her status and age, but then again, she might as well be doing this for little meetings like this.

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