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#301738 - “Then things really started to get organized, as if pre-arranged they all stopped, then moved around the bed lying me onto my side. If we can’t look after our own, I think it’s a poor to-do?” I thought no more of it, Mum left and went back downstairs, at dinner time I went and had a shower, when I got back to my room Dad was sitting on the bed, which took me by complete surprise. You may notice that I’m not complaining, Gail it was utter and sheer bliss, never have I had more than one cock at a time, but three all working simultaneously, Gail, this you must try for yourself sometime I was going though orgasm after orgasm.

Read Skirt Sisters Sandwich Ch 1~8 Cam Sisters Sandwich Ch 1~8

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Swan white
Nothing red about her hair
Arisa glennorth
Id love to do this to someones mom wife
Naoto shirogane
Got too love a nice hair pull moment especially making her watch very nicely done
Hikari sanehara
U look like a retard pulling that stupid face all the time